About the company

We have got more than 20 years of experience in our trade- we have run our business in 1991 and till now our company has obtained the title the one of the best in the trade. Our firm has a modern facilities and thanks to elaborated the technology of grains flaking, we became the biggest producer of rice flakes in the country. We produce also an instant rice, instant buckwheat, instant pearl barley (not by extrusion!) and precooked dishes. On request we can produce instant flakes, made from: rye, barley, oat, wheat, rice, corn and spelled. This kind of flakes we make from whole grain- in so called traditional method (not by extrusion).

Our company cooperate only with verified suppliers, we accept also grains from our clients to making the flakes or instant process. We do not use any genetic modified grains in the manufacturing process of our flakes and ready to eat meals, we choose only the best quality components. Products that are prepared by us- instant buckwheat, instant pearl barley, instant rice, flakes and instant flakes- can be used on the one hand as a final product ready to sell, and on the other hand they can provide a basis for further production (for example to high quality musli). We can fit each product individually to customer demand. We do our best, to guarantee attractive prices for our service and food products. In case of constant cooperation we are open for negotiations.

Our products are distinguished by high quality, confirmed many times by content clients and by detailed researches- our instant buckwheat, instant pearl barley, instant rice and precooked dishes keep all the important nutrients, which occur in cereals prepared in the traditional way.

Granero is a professional manufacture. We deal with production of high quality rice flakes, rye flakes, barley flakes, corn flakes, oat flakes, wheat flakes and flakes made from many other grains. We have on our offer also instant rice, instant buckwheat, instant pearl barley and tasty ready to go “Lunch Time” dishes which are done in a few minutes after adding to them boiling water. “Lunch Time” series is made from instant buckwheat, instant pearl barley or instant rice with one savory sauce: forest’s mushrooms, hunting or goulash. Our instant rice, buckwheat and pearl barley are ready to eat faster than it is possible during the preparation in traditional way, but they are as savoury as them. “Lunch Time” is a series of products that is great in work, on a camping or just at home. We packed “Lunch Time” dish in a comfortable bowl and add a practical cutlery- all you need to do, is add the boiling water and wait a few minutes until it is prepared.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer. Please do not fell hampered to writing to us.