Now! Crunch something tasty!

Our new products on the market are baked flakes. One of them is millet flakes, known from its healthy velues. Our millet flakes are the first on the market that you do not need cook anymore! You can crunch them straight from the packaging or add to yogurt, cold milk, wherever you want. Try our other baked flakes too: barley flakes, wheat flakes, oat flakes and rye flakes. Bon Apetit!


Now! Eat something tasty!

Granero presents you a new way of preparing the dishes. You do not need any more spend a lot of time in kitchen if you want to prepare a healthy dinner. All what you have to do is the adding the boiling water to the grain, cover the cup/bowl and let stand it for 5-7 minutes. Our all grains are subjected to a special treatment in order to prepare the dish that would be easy, quick and comfortable. Just try them!


Now! Eat something tasty!

The every people diet should be abounding in nourishing and full of valuable nutrients grains. Granero is aware of it, that’s why we use them in our dishes. Our company offers a wide choice of delicious and rapid meals “Lunch Time!”, buckwheat instant, pearl barley instant, rice instant, instant flakes (made from whole grains of: rice, wheat, rye, pearl barley, oat, spelled). Our express rice flakes are recommended as a great ingredient of easily digestible diet. Granero is the biggest producer of express rice flakes in Poland! A rice, buckwheat, pearl barley and other grains which we use, they are subjected to special treatment and thanks that they keep all valuable nutrients. Granero products are not genetically modified. As a company with years of experience we know how to take care of highest quality of our products and as well care for satisfaction our clients. Welcome, Granero.

Only the Best Grains

See what is the difference between particular types of grains and how they affect on your health!

Wholegrain cereals are the base of healthy diet. Our everyday nourishment should contain 40% of them, the best situation is when they are grown in organic way without genetic modifications. Grains were the main ingredients of diet in every culture since the beginning of the mankind. ...

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